Planet Ocean Makes its Way to the Philippines

omega planet oceanBetter late than never I suppose.

Being a watch freak, moi always makes it a point to go to affairs, palanggas, involving timepieces. So I went when one of the popular Swiss watch brands in the world, Omega, launched its exciting new addition to the Omega Seamaster range, the fab Planet Ocean. The event was attended by Omega’s mega hotshot vice president for product development and designer of the Planet Ocean line Jean Claude Monachon and Omega area sales manager Oliver Hugentobler, so I immediately knew we were in for a smashing good time.

The grand ballroom of Makati’s Shangri-La Hotel was transformed into an underwater scene complete with the calming sound of the ocean. Planet Ocean endorser and Olympic champion Michael Phelps displayed the watch in an awesome dramatic action. Apparently Michael P.’s main rival, Australian Olympic gold medalist, Ian Thorpe also happens to be an ambassador of Planet Ocean. That’s competition at its best, palanggas.

Omega’s newest baby was inspired by the clown fish, with its vibrant hues. My favorite was the super cool eye-catching orange leather-strapped piece with an orange bezel. It was a major fashionable watch made in the uncompromising standards of Omega.


Omega Declares War on Fake Watches

fake omega watchesI’m not one for telling tales but they need to look in ebay’s direction too, the fake Omega’s are getting out of hand over there.

Swatch Group will intensify its fight against the menace of counterfeit watches sold in the Middle East markets, said Arlette Elsa Emch, President and Member of the Swatch Group Management Board.

Speaking to Khaleej Times yesterday Elsa Emch said the Swatch Group is committed to protecting the rights of its customers around the world and it will do whatever possible within its strengths to protect its customers from fake products. “We will work closely with our local dealers to make sure that there is adequate brand awareness among customers in the region. A number of initiatives will be taken to enhance customer education, while brand awareness in the region will be increased through extensive media campaign and distinctive outlets.”

Khaleej Times Online

Speedmaster CK 2915 – The Grail Watch

speedmasterSometimes dreams do come true…

The rarest of the rare, the Speedmaster 2915 has long been on my wants list. This one has been sat in a draw since the 70’s, missing a bezel, replacement crown and maybe one incorrect sub hand. Apart from that it is as original as you are likely to ever see.

As you may be able to tell I am pretty stoked up about this watch, it is perfect, blows any Omega I own away. What it needs is some very sympathetic care to nurse it back to its full glory, once my excitement dies down a little I will start on that process.

For now…enjoy!

omega speedmaster ck2915

Update – Lots more pics added of the classic speedmaster 2915

A Seamaster 300, a Seamaster 300 and a Seamaster 600

Does that make a Seamaster 1200?

seamaster 300 ck 2913 165.024

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The Omega Aqua Terra – A Work Of Art

omega aqua terra

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Is it Safe to Play Golf With My Omega Watch On?

omega golfInteresting discussion over at TimeZone, contains a little bit of everything. Physics, engineering, opinions, patents and even a little flaming, in short the perfect thread. :)

The answer is straightforward in my view.

Omega say it is OK and state “Omega watches are shock-resistant to 5000 g”.

So the upshot is enjoy your Golf, enjoy your Omega and enjoy them both at the same time.

Timezone Thread

play golf with an onega watch on - safe


omega speedmaster 2998I must admit to becoming fascinated by the market prices on the pre-moon Speedmasters. This latest example tipped the scales at just over $8000, which nowadays seems a fair price, even though I think its more likely to be a 1960 than a 1959 [huge difference imho]. I’m not a big fan of the 2998, it sort of falls between the collectibility of the 2915 [red hot and getting hotter!] and the moon-ness of the 105.003, whenever I see one I think “first of the losers”. :)

Having said that this one is a fine looking 2998 Speedmaster and yes that lollipop is original…..

RARE Omega Speedmaster PRE-MOONWATCH c.1959 without crown-guards. This watch was purchased by us (Antiquorum Australia) from the original owner’s family. It is possibly one of the best, unrestored Read the rest of this entry »

Two-Tone Omega’s

Well I’ve never been a fan of the two-tone Omega style until I saw this!

jmsrolls over at WUS posted a shot of his collection [thumb below], take a look at the thread here and see why you might just change your mind about the two-tone style.

two tone omega watches

Omega Seamaster 300 cal. 552, 165.024 Will Not Be Flipped

Over at TZ-UK our friend swedeone3 has bagged a very fine example of a Seamaster 300, not too sure about the dial though.

Now swedeone3 is known as somewhat of a flipper but promises that this watch is a keeper. My advice is don’t hold your breath :)

Some great pics here.

UPDATE! The flip moves ever closer, its the inevitability of it that makes it so compelling.

UPDATE 2! The flip is made, comedy genius!

seamaster 300 flipper

Poor Mans Omega Ranchero

omega ck 2990No question that the Omega Ranchero CK 2990 is a GREAT looking watch, a true 50’s classic. Problem is everybody else thinks so too and they fetch a pretty penny.

So what’s a man to do….you love the look but hate the price.

How about this, a classic Seamaster 30, Caliber 268, 30 mm, 17 jewels and at a fraction of the price. A few NOS dials available if you find a tatty example. Its not as nice as a Ranchero but its close!

Ain’t it pretty?

poor mans omega ranchero

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