A Funky Omega Geneve & Apple’s Iconic Powerbook

Two brands, one word.


omega geneve

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Omega Buckles and the Joy of Getting Just the Right One!

Its hard to describe but when you nail it you nail it!


genuine omega buckles

The Omega De Ville Range – Under-rated & Inexpensive

I’m a sucker for the Omega De Ville range, which is good news as it seems that of all the Omega lines they are the one’s that devalue the most. You can pick up some fairly recent models at a snip and the vintage ones for a fair price.

This is my Lounge Lizard De Ville, solid 18kt Gold ……if you see a guy wearing one of these try and not leave him alone with your wife for too long, he will be a rascal 😉

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My Harry O Watch – Omega Style

Hopefully you will remember the TV series from the early 70’s, this will jog your memory otherwise;

Harry Orwell is a world-weary private investigator who was forced to leave the Los Angeles Police Department after a bullet became lodged near his spine. Moving to San Diego, he lived on the beach, and, when not working on a current case, spent much of his time fixing up his boat, which was called The Answer. Harry O was unusual in that he didn’t own a flashy car in which to conduct high-speed chases, preferring to ride the bus instead.


Now I don’t know why but I thought he was a hugely cool guy and this is the type of watch that I think he would have worn. If he didn’t wear it then he should have :)

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Omega Watch Winder / Display – The Best I Have Ever Seen

As George Michael once famously said “If you’re gonna do it, do it right – right?” and thats how I feel about this piece. More of a display than anything else it doubles up for me as a casual winder, battery operated so handy for the safe.

Its a very impressive and rare piece of kit but I’m happy to share the source, drop Alberto an email at baghi@raster.it and see if he has any left [last I heard he had 4 left]. I can vouch for the guy, he seems to have a great lead on some wonderful Omega display pieces and is a good man to deal with. Not cheap but then for quality stuff like he sells it is never going to be.

Enjoy the pics and read the rest of the post to see an in action movie, special guest star a rather sexy 1950’s Seamaster Calendar!

omega watch winder

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So….It Appears That Omega Blogger Has a Copycat

I don’t suppose we should be surprised, after all Rolex have been trying to copy Omega for years.

Currently a triumph of style over substance [hence much in keeping with the brand itself] take a look at Rolex Blogger. He has wisely linked to here so can’t be all that bad :)

One to keep an eye on.

rolex blogger

Car Booting for Omega Watches

omega 18k bumper watchJust goes to show you the early bird gets the worms! I’d do it apart from the fact that you need to be up and at them at 6 in the morning, until I read that thread I thought there was only one 6 o’clock in the day;)

The big question is….when you ask the seller how much he wants for that “dirty old watch” how on earth to you keep a straight face when he says £3. [Reminder to self, never play Poker with Foggy]

Bargain of the week, Omega 18kt gold bumper auto from 1954 ref: 2709. Read about it here at TZ-UK.

So…. What’s in the Pressure Tester This Week?

best watch in the worldThe Aqualung is still away, almost 2 weeks overdue from holiday. Word is the Lady Lung he met is in the family way, expect the patter of little flippers shortly.

In the meantime his cousin the Pressure Tester has agreed to fill in.

So…. What’s in the Pressure Tester This Week?

Can you guess?

omega planet ocean

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Original Omega Straps – Vintage and Modern

leather straps for vintage watchesI have always struggled with making the right choice with straps. I’d spend a small fortune on a watch and then dig around for a cheap strap, don’t know why! Finally and with the help of an Omega Ranchero I have come to some sort of peace with myself.

If its a new watch then original Omega is fine but a non-Omega is just fine too. So my new Railmaster on a bracelet will end up with a nice [and cheap!] generic leather strap. Vintage Omega’s are another thing altogether, I now think it is very important to try and match up the watch with a original Omega strap from the same era.

Why the change of heart?

Its simple, check out the Ranchero with its NOS Omega leather strap. Cost a small fortune for the strap but it is bang on for the year and I hope you all agree its just a perfect match! Just need to source the correct buckle [the one with this strap was Gold] and I’ll be a happy blogger.

ranchero on a 1950's original omega leather strap

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The Omega Ranchero 2990 Cal 267

rancheroI’m a difficult blogger to please.

I like A1 condition, originality and a cheap price in my Omega watch purchases, but as they say you can only pick two out of the three.

Here is my Omega Ranchero produced in 1957 and on sale from 1958 I believe, A1 condition and 100% original 😉

omega ranchero 2990-1

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