Original Omega Straps – Vintage and Modern

leather straps for vintage watchesI have always struggled with making the right choice with straps. I’d spend a small fortune on a watch and then dig around for a cheap strap, don’t know why! Finally and with the help of an Omega Ranchero I have come to some sort of peace with myself.

If its a new watch then original Omega is fine but a non-Omega is just fine too. So my new Railmaster on a bracelet will end up with a nice [and cheap!] generic leather strap. Vintage Omega’s are another thing altogether, I now think it is very important to try and match up the watch with a original Omega strap from the same era.

Why the change of heart?

Its simple, check out the Ranchero with its NOS Omega leather strap. Cost a small fortune for the strap but it is bang on for the year and I hope you all agree its just a perfect match! Just need to source the correct buckle [the one with this strap was Gold] and I’ll be a happy blogger.

ranchero on a 1950's original omega leather strap

1957  omega leather strap

original omega leather strap

omega leather strap

ranchero  omega leather strap

ranchero leather strap

original omega leather band

leather strap

I loved the watch before but the new strap has totally transformed it, taken the Ranchero to a whole new level of greatness. So in my opinion a vintage Omega watch deserves a vintage Omega strap.

leather band

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