Poor Mans Omega Ranchero

omega ck 2990No question that the Omega Ranchero CK 2990 is a GREAT looking watch, a true 50’s classic. Problem is everybody else thinks so too and they fetch a pretty penny.

So what’s a man to do….you love the look but hate the price.

How about this, a classic Seamaster 30, Caliber 268, 30 mm, 17 jewels and at a fraction of the price. A few NOS dials available if you find a tatty example. Its not as nice as a Ranchero but its close!

Ain’t it pretty?

poor mans omega ranchero

poor mans omega ranchero

omega ranchero


omega seamaster 30

The Omega Seamaster 30 – The affordable alternative to The Omega Ranchero :)

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