On Being a Geek Omega Fan and Life’s Difficult Questions

seamaster 300It’s not easy being me you know, life can be hard at times, so many decisions and choices to make.

Some are very easy….

Gizmodo or Engadget is very straightforward. The elegance and superior writing skillz of the Gizmodo weblog far outweigh the rather forced and tabloid style of the upstart Enbodget [sic].

Some a trifle more difficult….

Windows, OS X or Linux as your operating system requires attacking on a few fronts. Windows in the form of a cheap Dell box for the office grunt work. OS X in the form of a 15″ Powerbook and a Dr Bott Ti 15″ case for meetings and your personal machine. Linux for web servers and then the rather neat and as geeky as it gets Damn Small Linux on a bootable USB stick for carrying your operating system in your pocket.

Some though are darn near impossible….

Does the Seamaster 300 circa 1960’s go better with the Black or Silver Motorola Razr?

seasmaster 300 165.024

omega seamaster automoatic 300 165.024

That is almost impossible to call and may remain one of life’s unanswered questions.

As I said, its not easy being me.

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